Course programme "Healthy related table tennis sports"

Table tennis makes you healthy. This fact is now scientifically proven. The University of Magdeburg has found in a recent study that table tennis is very well suited for a health-oriented endurance training, particularly for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
And not just at world-class level, but for EVERYONE! The positive effect of running, gymnastics and swimming was already known,
table tennis is now the first game of sport, being a recognized health sports
of the "Qualitätssiegel SPORT PRO GESUNDHEIT" of the
Deutscher Sportbund. The playfully stimulating character of a returning game, along with the well-dosed and flexible load profile of table tennis sports involve excellent potential for endurance and coordination.

All health insurance companies support the offer in principle by a partial takeover of the tuition fee (up to 80 % od tuition fee). Some health insurances awarded bonus points if their members participate in health-related programs. Ask your health insurance is worth it!

Our offer

According to the concept created by the DTTB our association offers a course system for health sports table tennis.
This course system has a circumference of 10 evening classes, each of 90 minutes. With regular attendance (certified by the leading coach, at least 80% of courses) a proportional takeover of the course fees by the respective health insurance is possible. At the beginning of the course system an introductory course is preceded, which is offered as an information to all interested people free of charge and without obligation.

Our offer:        

time of courses:        on monday, 8.15 to 9.45 p.m.
introductory course:        at any time, on demand
location:        Sports hall of our club

90.- Euro for 10 course sessions
introductory course is free
Trainer:        Thomas Mückstein (leading coach)
wer kann teilnehmen?        Everyone, regardless of age or
sports experiences, with or without
table tennis skills

Health examination

Before participating in the health program we advise a health check-up with your family doctor. In general, all participants have to fill in a short questionnaire, which is sent together with the application to our club. For participants from the age of 35 a health check-up should be done. In justified cases or pathological findings, we have to demand a medical certificate from the participants. Depending on the severity of the disease (for example, heart attack or stroke patients) people can possibly be excluded from participation. Children up to the age of 17 are subject to the following rules: children who are excluded from school sports, a consultation with the family doctir or possibly a youth study should be done before participating.
For interested people

More informations could be received directly during our training times or by contacting the leading coach:

Thomas Mückstein

e-Mail Anfrage hier