21. Zwei-Burgen-Turnier on 25th / 26th May 2019

tournament informations

event organizer: TTV Weinheim-Weststadt e.V.

location: Sports hall of TTV Weinheim-West

leading umpire: umpire, nominated by Badischer Tischtennisverband

balls: JOOLA PRIME 40+ ***white, plastic

german ranking: Q-TTR 11.02.2019, tournament results are relevant for german ranking

miscellaneous: tournament leadership reserve changes after consulting with leading umpire

first aid: first aid is available

catering: we take care for food and drinks very well

competitors: federal open tournament with invited guests

eligibility: valid egilibility

competition classes:
students C male/female (effective date 2008/01/01)
students B male/female (effective date 2006/01/01)
students A male/female (effecitve date 2004/01/01)
juniors male/female (effective date 2001/01/01)
mens A (german ranking points from 1501 til 3000)
mens B (german ranking points from 1301 til 1700)
mens C (german ranking points til 1500)
mens D (german ranking points til 1300)

Organisation: Participants are allowed to start in the corresponding and in the next higher league corresponding to their german ranking points, if the foregoing is finished for them. Juniors may participate in adult classes, if they are authorized to play in adult leagues.

torunament fees:
each tournament class (singles and doubles)
7.- Euro students/juniors
9.- Euro laides/mens

registration limit: The tournament is limited in each tournament class on each 64 participants, at mens A on 32 participants.

late registration: is possible and has to be announced 30 minutes before the start of competition class late registration fee for each competitor and competition class is 2.- Euro

play mode: singles and doubles are played in knock out mode. Singles competition is first played in a preliminary round in groups of 4 players in the system where everyone plays against each other. In case of equality decides the rate difference, then the direct comparison. The first two competitors in each group are qualified for following final knock out round.

umpire activity: every looser in k.o. round leads one of the following games

rules: It is played according to the official rules of ITTF and DTTB as well as the additional rules of BaTTV according to playing laws.

saturday, 25th may 2019
9.00 a.m. mens D
10.30 a.m. students A
12.30 a.m. mens B
2.30 p.m. students C

sunday, 26th may 2019
9.00 a.m. mens C
10.30 a.m. juniors
12.30 a.m. students B
2.30 p.m. ladies / mens A

sports hall opening each day at 8.00 a.m.

The tournament is endowed with an overall amount of 2000 Euro.

cash prizes:
mens A - single: 1st price 100.- Euro, 2nd price 50.- Euro, 3rd price 25.- Euro
mens B - single: 1st price 60.- Euro, 2nd price 30.- Euro, 3rd price 15.- Euro
ladies - single: 1st price 60.- Euro, 2nd price 30.- Euro, 3rd price 15.- Euro

Remaining winners receive value coupons and valuable proper prizes. Only winners receive a price if there are less than 12 competitors in a competition class.