Decades of our club

1957: A small group of young people meets once a week to investigate their hobby at two tables.
Training location is restaurant "Zur Hainbuche" which is located in the new "Stahlbad" settlement.

9. Mai 1957: club founding, founding members are
Karl Baumann, Peter Lehmann, Harry Schmidt, Günter Klein, Heinz Molitor, Georg Schreier, Karl Kunz, Joachim Rusniok

After drawing-up of club regulation, first club leadership is elected :
Managing director: Harry Schmidt
Deputy managing director: Heinz Molitor
Financial director: Karl Baumann
Secretary: Joachim Rusniok

The oficial club founding name is originally Weststadt-Tischtennis-Club (WTC)

This name had however soon be changed. With the aid of Badischer Tischtennisverband, the club got his actual name  Tischtennisverein Weinheim-Weststadt

Restaurant "Zur Hainbuche"

1961: After Harry Schmidt (1957/58), Wolfgang Daffinger (1959) and Walter Stefes (1960), Georg Schreier is elected as Managing director. He's going to lead the club for the next eight years.

1962: Club moves to the new built sports hall of Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Schule, the decisive step towards wide sports has therefore completed.

1963: After moving to new sports hall the club features 6 tables and 75 club members.

1964: For first time the club arranges the Weinheim City Championship, competitors play in a total of 19 different leagues at the Bachschulturnhalle on 13th and 14th of June.

1967: Georg Schreier pass through coaching exam under former national headcoach Harangozo. Thereby he is the first Managing director with coaching licence within the Badischer Tischtennisverband.

1968: On district conference Günther Schmiedel is elected as Managing director of district Court of Arbitration, Fredi Zastrow is elected as Managing Umpire.
The southern german team youth championship is arranged by the club.

1969: At local derby against the team of TTC Weinheim our leading team achieves a close victory at 9:7 points.
On Annual General Meeting Walter Amann is elected as Managing director.

1970: Club establishes friendly contact to TV Geestemünde, the new friends from Bremerhaven visit Weinheim during a weekend in June.

1971: Fredi Zastrow passes exam as National Umpire.
In june a group of our club replies the visit of our friends in Bremerhaven and gets many impressions of the northern german coast.

1973: Günther Schmiedel is elected to Managing director, he's going to remain in office for the next ten years.
A new era starts for the club in september. We move into our new sports hall at the Multschule (today Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Schule), where the city of Weinheim provides the southern hall. The club stays at this sports hall til today.

1974: The club adds a recreation division.
For friends and supporters the club arranges an "open-door day".

1975: registration-record: The club registrates a total of 18 teams, from which 12 teams are of young people division.

1977: Ulrike Neumann und Martin Seiler qualify for Baden Youth Ranking.
The leading youth team achieves runner-up team champion of Baden, as well as district champion and runner-up cup champion.
Leading youth team: Young people division manager Hiller, Lehnhardt, Lindemann, Dammann, Kohl


1980: Leading youth team achieves runner-up team champion of Baden.

1981: Leading youth girl team achieves team champion of Baden, at Honors of Athletes of Weinheim Sabine Zopf, Maren Vaterrodt, Christine Kesselring, Nadja Ritter and Simone Winterscheid are awarded for their achievement.

1982: On the occasion 25th club jubilee an evening of honors take place at Rolf-Engelbrecht-Haus.
The girls team achieves team champion of Baden.

1983: The present Deputy managing director Günter Mühlbauer take over leadership from Günther Schmiedel.

1984: The club enters the German Club Register and is entitled to use shorthand symbol "e.V.".

1988: As a great loss for the club, Werner Hiller, a member of Board of Directors for years dies at the age of 44.

1989: Members of the club visit the Table Tennis World Championship at Dortmund.

1994: The club establishes contact to TTF 73 Halle, located in the new german federal states.

1995: After 12 years Günter Mühlbauer resigns club leadership, his elected successor is Hans Crusen who is Managing director til today. Günter Mühlbauer becomes honorary member.

1996: A group of club members visit new friends in Halle.
Walter Amann resigns club leadership after 18 years.
The "2-Burgen-Turnier", a youth tournament is established, the club registrates 255 competitors from 56 different clubs at first run.

1997: On the occasion of 40th club jubilee we arrange the Southern german youth team championships.

1998: For first time in club history, our youth member Ulf Mertens gets part of the Baden-Württemberg performance squad.

1999: The club gets a certificate and is awarded as "EM-Verein 2000".
The Club enters the World Wide Web with its first Website.

2000: On the occasion of European Championships a group of young people stays in Bremen for a couple of days.
2006: At Bremen the World Team Championship is arranged, a group of club members stays in Bremen for watching the world-class games.
2007: The club celebrates its 50th club jubilee and arranges the Southern German Senior Player Championship. In the same year the "Enzborn-Cup" is arranged, a pro-tournament with world-class players like Jan-Ove Waldner, Dimitri Ovtcharov, Torben Wosik and others.

World-class players of the Enzborn-Cup